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The Guelph Orangeville Timber family-run business carries all of the tools and products you'll need for any outdoor project -- whether it be a fence, a deck or a stone pathway. The knowledgable staff are always ready to give you tips and advice on how to go about creating the new addition to your household. We supply the products and talk to the customers to make sure they have the information they need and that the project will work for them.

There are so many choices when it comes to shapes, size and colour -- and Guelph Building Supply carries them all. Our store carries pressure treated wood, spruce lumber, some cedar, and our stones come in unique looks and styles because everybody has a personal taste when it comes to style. Guelph Building Supply staff are fortunate to get a lof of product information from their suppliers. That way customers know they are getting information that is specific to the products they are buying.

Some people want the clean look, while others want more of a rustic look. You build your own character into the project that way. Taste makes a big difference when it comes to the products you want to buy. So come into the store and take the time to go through the books of choices before deciding what you want for your project. Guelph Building Supply deals with companies such as:

  • Oaks Concrete Products, Pavnat, Unilock and Techo-Bloc for its stone products.
  • Brickstop supplies the store with the products needed for proper patio installation.
  • Deckorators provides a variety of styles when it comes to custom railings for the deck.

Customers are more than welcome to bring home a sample swatch to make sure the colour and design work. We want to make sure our customers get what they want. You can also browse the suppliers websites, clicking on the project boxes to get a realistic view of how a certain product will look. If you are still unsure of how something will look with the rest of your decor, feel free to ask the staff -- they'll be happy to give you their opinion.

There are so many steps involved in creating something for your home. All of that takes time. It is not a 1 or 2 day thing. At Guelph Building Supply we encourage our customers to take a 3 step approach to any project.

  1. you should have an idea of what you can and can't do. What will or won't work in your backyard.
  2. then come in and pick some products with prices.
  3. choose your colour and place your order.

We want to make sure our customers can do what they are hoping for. If it's something we're not sure will work, we will throw out other suggestions for things they can do or try. Some products work for certain situations while others don't. If they don't we do our best to get our customers something better.

At Guelph Building Supply we make sure we look after our customers as best as possible and also have a fully equipped hardware store on site that carries a variety of products for your indoor and outdoor needs. Whatever is not in stock can be ordered in.

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